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Tranquility Island

I have been to “TranquilityIsland”.

Though it is too late, thank you for your information, Noodleqt !!

Now “TranquilityIsland” is off limits.

I don’t understand about off limits.


“TranquilityIsland” is Noodleqt’s field of action.

Her blog is “Noodles logbook”.


「Noodles logbook-Sailing and what not in SecondLife」



“Noodles logbook” blog is very unique and interesting.

No similar blogs are to be found in the SecondLife.

In “Noodles logbook” blog,

Only the works where action of marine is the main subject will be described.

If you really want to know about “Noodles logbook”, see her blog page.


「Noodles logbook-Sailing and what not in SecondLife」



Special thanks to Noodleqt !!

Please take me on your ship some day !!



昨年、Noodleqtさんから情報提供いただいた「Tranquility Island」にも、






「Noodles logbook-Sailing and what not in SecondLife」です。








「Tranquility Island」は、




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  1. 2012/03/08 at 19:38

    It is sad but true. Tranqulity Island is not what it used to be. It was such a beautiful and peaceful place. I don’t go there any more, and I only have very few pictures from there. One of these are on my blog. What’s funny is that I found Tranquility Island by searching for another extinct favourite of mine: Tranquility Islands. With an s. Drop by Tradewinds anytime, and we can go sailing.

  2. 2012/03/22 at 18:28

    Everyone has the past which wishes to forget in SecondLife.
    …………………for lack of a better my word………….sorry

    See you with smiling someday in SecondLife.
    I’m looking forward to sailing with you(and your friends).

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