Self Introduction


Snap Shotの撮影を楽しんでいます。


Hello Universe.


I enjoy travelling in SeconfLife.


Many beautiful and great places are danger of close down.

“TheLostGardensof Apollo” creased to exist.

I’d like to put The Architecture Heritage in SecondLife on photographic record.


I place great importance on landscape.

I am interested in the design of space composition.

So you may feel my report is not perfect.

I don’t strict attention to minute details of the structures.

But I don’t hold architects of SL in contempt.

The proverb says “Don’t forget the proverb about not seeing the wood for the trees.”

I should try to comprehend on the overall plan about landscape,

Before taking a photograph the details.


About me in RL.

I enjoy listening music and reading.

And I am interested in History.


Unfortunately I’m not good at English.

But don’t worry about that.

Please leave a comment on my blog.

I will write back to your comment with a struggle.


Let’s meet sometime and somewhere in Secondlife.

  1. 2011/12/29 at 02:53

    What a fantastic idea this SL architecture heritage thing. Already so many beautiful places have disappeared, and I’ve even lost several of my favourites. Tranquility Island is (was) one. Thank you for doing this.

  2. 2011/12/29 at 08:12

    I am so excited to receive your comment.
    You are the authoress of “Noodles logbook” !!

    I have added your blog to my blogroll without asking.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Your blog’s idea is really great !!
    It is really unique in many blogs of second life.
    I like your blog.

    Tranquility Island…………
    OK,I will !!

  3. 2012/03/02 at 03:03

    This is a wonderful idea and a way to not only preserve the ephemeral creations- but introduce others to ones we may not have seen.

    I miss The Lost Gardens of Apollo, I miss Virtual Stary Night, I miss places whose nameS I don’t remember.

  4. 2012/03/03 at 09:52

    Thank you, Amaranthim.

    I hope that I would like to travel at most possible places.
    However, RL time doesn’t allow me the travels of SL.

    In the meantime,many good place is vanishing completely.
    I feel with impatience !!

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