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My good friend taught me great place in SL.

It is Seagull Islands.

I visited frequently and have continued to take a photograph of Seagull Islands.

The landscape composition in Seagull Islands are very excellent.

The composition of the island surrounded by the sea and the river like a corridor has many playfulness.

In respect of scene beauty, I think that the islands more beautiful than Seagull Islands exist a lot more in SL.

However,Seagull Islands are a very comfortable place.

Because Seagull Islands are the place which gave various consideration to residents as habitation space.

A beautiful scene is produced by the beautiful heart of owner.

The owner of Seagull Islands is Angel Baxter.

She is a very wise,and never fails to have a kind and considerate regard for others.

All residents love Angel Baxter.

I had a fortunate opportunity that I get the sim owner to show directly around Seagull Islands.

Thank you very much for the wonderful time you gave me the other day.

I like Seagull Islands very much.

I keep up writing introduction of Seagull Islands after this.


「Seagull Islands」TP


海外のとても親しい友人が教えてくれた場所が「Seagull Islands」です。


撮影しはじめてまもなく、OWNERのAngel Baxterさんとお会いする機会に恵まれ、

なんとSeagull Islandsを直接案内していただきました。



Angel Baxterさんに教えていただいたSeagull Islandsの様子、



Seagull Islandsの様子を収録した動画がありますので、




Seagull Islands Movie(Youtube)

「Flight over Seagull-Second Life machinima」by MarxCatteneo